Play&Go – F.A.Q. – English

1. How to check whether the tracking has correctly started?In order to check the successful start of the tracking, it is necessary to ensure that: 

  • the chosen means of transportation is correctly selected (the circle with the symbol turns blue and the symbol of the means appears in the bottom bar),
  • the counter starts regularly,
  • the tracking on the map has started (the red dot appears and becomes a line),
  • the Play&Go app symbol appears in the status bar (top left of the device).

If the GPS signal is weak, the detected position is not accurate and the trip may be invalid.


2. Why do I always have to allow the app to run in the background?

In some cell phone models, apps turn off when the screen turns off. As a result, tracking is interrupted and part of the trip is not recorded. Allowing the app to work in the background prevents the data from being lost.

  • Agree to the use of the position;
  • Check the Apps/App Permissions settings verifying that geolocation is allowed for the Play&Go app;
  • Check the battery settings for the Play&Go app making sure it is enabled to run in the background.


3. The trip was only partially registered
Sometimes the power-saving mode settings do not allow apps, like ours, to work properly. In some cell phone models, apps turn off when the screen turns off. To solve this problem, you need to change the settings of:

  • Battery: making sure that power saving is not activated;
  • App/Play&Go/Battery (or Power Consumption Details): uncheck “Manage automatically” (or ‘Ignore battery optimization’) for Play&Go app (so do not optimize battery usage for Play&Go app).


4. What to do if a trip by train is badly tracked?
Sometimes – especially when travelling by train or going through tunnels – the GPS signal is poor or absent and the trip can be badly traced. It is essential not to stop the tracking, but to leave it active from the departure station to the arrival station.

Even if the trip does not initially pass automatic validation, it will later be checked and, if it meets the validity criteria, the score will be corrected.


5. I tracked a trip but it results as invalid, why?
First, consult the trip details to see if and how it was tracked!

The most frequent causes of trips invalidations are:

  • data are absent (tracking has not started);
  • the details of the tracked trip do not meet the established validation parameters and therefore the mode chosen to track the trip is not recognized as valid (Possible causes: walking/bike – speed too high for the stated means; train/bus – the route does not match the chosen means).

If the trip details are present and you feel that the trip has been unfairly considered invalid, you can report the case in the following ways:

  • sending a message via the “Help” function found in the bottom of Home Page
  • sending an e-mail to from the account you used to sign up for the game

and indicating the date and time of the trip you made and the type of trip (means of travel(s) used). 


6. Can I participate in the game if I move outside my territory?
Only trips traced within the chosen territory are considered valid. 


7. Can I participate in Play&Go with a Windows smartphone?  
The Play&Go app is currently available only for Android and iOS.